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You probably discovered this site by Googling me. Thanks for taking an interest!

I'm an Australian who's living in the San Francisco Bay Area. On this page you can contact me and read about some of my professional and personal interests.

Although a technology lawyer by profession, I originally have a technical computing background and I created this page mainly to prevent my coding skills from atrophying away. It was a fun project, instead of just using something like Wix or Squarespace to create a site.

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Professional Interests

Ever since I could press a button, I've been passionate about technology. I was one of those kids who taught themselves to program at a young age (for me, it was Basic on an Apple II C). I was fortunate enough that my dad was interested in computers as well, so by the time I was finishing primary school, we had a 486 and a 9.6k modem, and I got to spend a bunch of time on BBSes. Later on in the mid-90s, we got the internet (when OzEmail started offering net access) and, in addition to the time I spent hanging out on Kali playing Warcraft II, I figured out how to build websites with a combination of HTML and Perl CGI scripts. I really liked building stuff, and started my blog in 1998, which I administered for a time with a content management system I wrote.

I love science fiction and thinking about big "what if" scenarios. I grew up on a regular diet of Star Trek episodes and movies.

I studied a business IT degree at university, writing my honors thesis on financial fraud detection systems for e-commerce systems. I've also spent time working as a network ops technician, web developer, and business intelligence analyst at various large companies. During my university days, I picked up Java, Haskell, Perl, and PHP. Most recently I've been learning JavaScript and Python.
Most of my professional life has been spent as a lawyer, working primarily in the areas of law relating to the internet and technology. I have spent a lot of time creating and negotiating all sorts of technology-related contracts and policies, and delving into many interesting legal issues that arise from working in an industry that moves and innovates so quickly.

I was an early employee at SurveyMonkey, having started its legal department, and before that worked in a major international corporate law firm in Sydney as a technology and finance lawyer. I'm qualified to practice law in California.

I have two law degrees - one from the University of New South Wales, and a master's from Stanford Law School, where I focused on Law, Science & Technology.
Finance and investing has always been an interesting area to me. Just like law and technology, it's an intensely analytical area with a lot of inputs, but it also has a fascinating human aspect to it. I enjoy reading popular behavioral economics books and I'll read anything that authors like Michael Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell write.

More formally, I hold a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and have worked in the credit approval department of Macquarie Bank. I've also worked as a banking & finance lawyer (including a very short stint in securitization in 2007).
Having had the fortune of being an early employee at a successful internet company, I found that there was nothing quite like the fulfillment and excitement of building something new and watching it grow - whether it's a process, product, or business. I'm also fortunate to live in Silicon Valley (or perhaps unfortunate if you look at the cost of living here!) because it's such a hotbed of entrepreneurialism, and there's no shortage of interesting people and innovative ideas that flow through the area.

I dabble in angel investing in startups, and am always interested in hearing about opportunities to work with startups.


Bouts of Wanderlust

I first caught the travel bug when I was an undergrad and went backpacking with three friends around the world. It was the first time I was traveling abroad without parents, and it really opened up the way I saw the world.

Although the days of taking six months to travel at a time are behind me (for the moment), I try to get out and about when my other commitments allow.

Discovering the world of travel hacking has given me the gift of being able to take last minute short trips to other continents in an affordable and fun manner. With it, I've been able to catch up with friends that I otherwise would not see for years at a time, and to simply see new places and keep things fresh.

I enjoy photography, especially when I travel, and all the photos that appear on this page are mine.

Flight map (since 2008)

I fly over 100,000 miles a year, mostly on personal trips funded by points and miles primarily generated by churning credit cards responsibly.

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